The Biker's Pup

By Sean Michael

Sexy Snax collection (Book #61)

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Book Description
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Whip came to the Gay Riders Carnival fundraiser weekend looking for a good time, but what he found was infinitely better.

Whip always has a good time at the Gay Riders Carnival, and this year he’s hoping to meet up with some studs and top last year’s festivities. The last thing he expects when he walks into his cabin is to be nearly bowled over by a skinny lad with a bruised jaw.

Nick came to the Carnival with his so-called Master Dirk, but instead of having a good time, things moved quickly from bad to worse and Dirk responded to his safeword with a punch. Running away and hiding was Nick’s only option.

Broke, alone and not entirely sure how he’s going to get home, Nick thinks Whip is a dream come to life and he’s just waiting for the other shoe to drop. For his part, Whip is drawn to the sweet pup and falls hard for Nick over the course of the long weekend.

But what’s going to happen when the weekend is over?

Publisher's Note: This book is the prequel to The Biker's Dom by Sean Michael. It is best read in sequence but can be read as a standalone.

General Release Date: 9th January 2015

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Book Information
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Heat Rating: Melting  
Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78430-355-6
Sexometer: 3  
Word Count: 22,359
Language: English
Book Length: NOVELLA
Pages: 74

About the author
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Sean Michael

Bestselling author Sean Michael is a maple-leaf-loving Canadian who spends hours hiding out in used book stores. With far more ideas than time, Sean keeps several documents open at all times. From romance to fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi, Sean is limited only by the need for sleep—and the periodic Beaver Tail.

Sean fantasizes about one day retiring on a secluded island populated entirely by horseshoe crabs after inventing a brain-to-computer dictation system. Until then, Sean will continue to write the old-fashioned way.

Reviews (25)
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  Reviewed by Crystal's Many Reviewers

This was a very quick and fast paced book that drew me in and I couldn’t put it down.

Whip was such a great strong character that showed Nick that he was worth everything, and that he deser...

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  Reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed

A clever mix of charm and sweet erotica.  Fast pacing, engaging characters and a satisfying plotline makes The Biker’s Pup a truly enjoyable read.  Whip and his new boy explore a...

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Sean Michael - Divine Magazine featured author

What would people be most surprised to know about you?

Well, I would say that I’m a competition reality tv show junkie, but I’ve already outed myself on that front, so I’m going to go with that I’m actually quite shy.

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