Out of My Flocking Mind

By Jayce Carter

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Drugs, sex and chaos—sounds like a good time to me.

After clearing my name for a murder I didn’t commit, getting a seat on the council and nailing a very sexy vampire, my life is supposed to be calm, right? You know what they say, though—you can take the girl out of the chaos, but you can’t take the chaos out of the girl.

One night, some Spirit on a drug called Cloud attacks me. I team up with Harrison—a telepath with the emotional depth of a donut hole—to track down the person creating the drug and stop the flow of it into the public. This turns out to be far more difficult than I’d expected, especially when I know better than to trust anyone.

I’m reminded that everything has a price, which means I’ll have to decide what’s most important to me—winning or protecting those around me.

Who knew I’d miss my life as a simple delivery girl?

General Release Date: 27th August 2024

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-80250-919-9
Word Count: 77,761
Language: English
Book Length: SUPER NOVEL

About the author
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Jayce Carter

Jayce Carter lives in Southern California with her husband and two spawns. She originally wanted to take over the world but realized that would require wearing pants. This led her to choosing writing, a completely pants-free occupation. She has a fear of heights yet rock climbs for fun and enjoys making up excuses for not going out and socializing. You can learn more about her at her website.

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