Found by Chance

By Gareth Chris

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Book Description
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Chance has an unexpected attraction to his neighbors—a gay couple who could end Chance's career and family relationships.

Chance Findley is a successful marketing executive until his career is jeopardized by a disastrous presentation to a Chamber of Commerce member.

During a mandated recuperative break, Chance’s suppressed same-sex attraction reawakens when he bonds with new neighbor, Arlo, despite Arlo having a physician partner named Charlie and a surprising job as a cam performer.

Chance secretly subscribes to Arlo’s fan page. Feeling guilty about his betrayal, Chance avoids his neighbor until an acute medical problem brings Arlo and his doctor boyfriend to Chance’s doorstep. Chance learns, with horror, that the doctor is the Chamber of Commerce member who nearly derailed Chance’s career.

Chance and Charlie make amends, and an attraction grows between the three men. However, Charlie’s attempt to mend Chance’s relationship with his boss, Maria, backfires when Maria terminates Chance’s employment as she suspects the two men’s relationship poses a conflict of interest for her firm.

Simultaneously, Chance’s parents make a visit and stumble upon Chance’s still-open page to Arlo’s fan site. The revelation strains the relationship between the three men as well as Chance’s family.
Chance’s despair leads to poor decisions, leading to another medical emergency, which ironically brings Chance back to his boyfriends. The medical scare also prompts Chance’s father to check on his welfare, leading to a reconciliation. When Chance learns his father is leaving his mother, he invites him to move into his now-vacant house and the two agree to become partners at Chance’s father’s firm. Chance’s father blesses Chance’s relationship and becomes a father-figure to Chance’s boyfriends.

General Release Date: 27th August 2024

Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-80250-650-1
Word Count: 73,000
Language: English
Book Length: SUPER NOVEL

About the author
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Gareth Chris

Gareth Chris has a degree in English and a minor in Theater / Playwriting. When he isn't writing stories about dashing men overcoming challenging situations, he provides consultative organizational design and executive coaching to international clients. He volunteers his time to local charitable organizations that focus on helping the less fortunate - particularly those needing food and shelter.

Gareth makes his home in the lovely New England area of the United States, where he, family, and friends enjoy the proximity to beaches, mountains, and numerous historical cities and sites. 

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