By Ellen Mint

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All good worlds must come to an end.

The apocalypse is here, but Conquest hasn’t won yet. It’s up to Layla, her guys, and the friends they’ve made along the wall to stop him. What hope do they have to pull it off?

After so much loss, Layla’s buckling from exhaustion, grief, and a secret threatening to tear her to pieces. Cal’s been running from his past trauma his whole life. The end of the world forces him into the role he’s terrified to take. Will he break or become that which he most fears?

Garavel’s forced to face what he did to save the woman he loves. His betrayal could be for nothing if he cannot stop the witch hunters in time. Tricky Raul thought he was outsmarting his old boss, but for all his skills, he can’t outrun the agency forever. Daniel might have his body back, but his fear of death grows deeper with each day. The apocalypse shows no mercy, even to those he cares for more than himself. He’ll risk everything, even her love, to keep Layla safe.

This began a year ago when a mysterious incubus appeared in Layla’s living room. She never anticipated this world of magic, monsters, fear, death, and love. Through it all, that demon of lust remained by her side. She never once questioned his faith or loyalty. But Layla will learn that there’s no line a demon bound heart and soul to a woman won’t cross.

Conquest has the armies, the weapons, the magic, and time. All they have is a strange spell that comes with a consequence only Layla can pay. Will she find the strength to cast it, and will her men love her enough to let her do it?

Only magic can save them now.

General Release Date: 10th September 2024

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-80250-926-7
Word Count: 68,000
Language: English
Book Length: NOVEL

About the author
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Ellen Mint

Ellen Mint adores the adorkable heroes who charm with their shy smiles and heroines that pack a punch. She has a needy black lab named after Granny Weatherwax from Discworld. Sadly, her dog is more of a Magrat.

When she’s not writing imposing incubi or saucy aliens, she does silly things like make a tiny library full of her books. Her background is in genetics and she married a food scientist so the two of them nerd out over things like gut bacteria. She also loves gaming, particularly some of the bigger RPG titles. If you want to get her talking for hours, just bring up Dragon Age.

You can find Ellen at her website here and also on Bookbub..

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