Isle of Wolves

By Tiffany Daune

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Hunt or die.

Everyone has secrets. But Olena’s are deadly.

Deep within Olena looms a vicious monster destined to one day awaken and demand her sacrifice to the gods. But until that fateful date, she must harness the beast’s power to slay the monsters vying for the magic on the isle.

Each spring, the hunters pen offerings and cast them into the flames, praying their beasts will slumber another year. This year, Olena went too far to impress the gods. With Olena’s nineteenth birthday nearing and hunter numbers dwindling with each awakening beast, she needed the perfect gift. But if the other hunters discovered Olena’s twisted sacrifice to the gods they would turn their crossbows on her.

As summer nears, Olena believes her secret is safe until she receives a mysterious text message claiming they possess the supposedly burned book of offerings. At first, she believes the messages are a cruel hoax, but after catching her team captain in the arms of her boyfriend, she didn’t stay that night to witness the book ignite.

Fearing her fate if the others learn the ugly truth, she must tap into every sense the sleeping beast can grant her to track down the one who seeks to destroy her and recover the cursed book before they reveal her dark secret. Or die trying.

Loyalties will be tested. Friendships shattered. And hearts destroyed. Welcome to the Isle of Wolves.


Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of Violence, gore and death. There are mentions of drug and alcohol use, and some sexual situations.

General Release Date: 11th June 2024

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-80250-599-3
Word Count: 76,697
Language: English
Book Length: SUPER NOVEL
Pages: 315

About the author
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Tiffany Daune

Tiffany Daune writes dark fantasy filled with magic, epic love, and deadly creatures lurking in the shadows. When away from her keyboard, you can find her browsing local bookstores, stargazing, or dreaming up murderous villains for her next story. She lives in the rainy PNW and draws inspiration from her island home when crafting haunting new worlds.

Find Tiffany at her website.

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