Witchful Thinking

By L.A. Kennedy

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Be careful what you witch for.

The cursed and the damned are no stranger to licensed witch and demon expert, Ailis Kyteler. She is, after all, one of the cursed, marked with a one-way ticket to hell. But her experience isn’t enough to stop the damned hellbent on feeding the gods. With numerous women missing and the crime scene growing cold, Ailis travels to Mexico before another woman turns up in a circle touched by hell.

Ailis is the only full-blooded witch on the continent, making her an easy target for the darkness. If that wasn’t bad enough, being the only living person to have walked out of hell certainly made things worse for her. A teacher of demonology and all things that go bump in the night kept zealots on her doorstep and her name on speed dial for law enforcement. But being a highly sought-after consultant and expert in her field won’t help when she receives a call from Miguel, ex-priest, demon hunter and her once-upon-a-time.

This time, the cost of her help could be her life, her soul and her love. One wrong step and she’d be dead by the next full moon at the hands of Miguel and his people. To stay alive, Ailis must navigate unexpected twists and turns, killer truths, betrayals and love that just won’t die—no matter how hard she tries to kill it.


Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of gruesome and horrible deaths.


General Release Date: 20th August 2024

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-80250-918-2
Word Count: 86,414
Language: English
Book Length: SUPER NOVEL

About the author
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L.A. Kennedy

L.A. Kennedy, beyond the story…

L.A. Kennedy is a Canadian born writer, living in the ever-growing city of Vancouver, Canada. Here, she spends her days getting lost in the beauty of reading and writing. L.A. Kennedy mainly writes fictional books. And can be found researching myth, folklore, and everything in between, with a special interest in edge-of-your-seat paranormal romance. L.A. Kennedy can be found behind a mountain of books, on any given Sunday.

L.A. Kennedy’s writing credits include two hit series that mix mystery, horror, paranormal romance, fantasy, and intrigue.

You can follow L.A. on Facebook and Twitter.

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