Ashley Ladd

Ashley Ladd lives in South Florida with her husband, five children, and beloved pets. She loves the water, animals (especially cats), and playing on the computer.

She's been told she has a wicked sense of humour and often incorporates humour and adventure into her books. She also adores very spicy romance, which she weaves into her stories.

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Ashley Ladd- - Interview with Rainbow Gold Reviews

From looking online, I see that you have been writing books for over 10 years, do you still enjoy writing now as much as your first book?

I’ve been writing since I was six years old but I’ve been published since 2000. Yes yes yes!  I still love to write.

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Ashley Ladd - Long and Short Reviews Feature

Do You Really Want To Be Fed To The Sharks?

Not only am I a writer but I’m a reader. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes and I devour hundreds of stories a year. Often I catch myself wishing my life was even half as interesting as those of the heroines. Then I put on my writer’s cap and scream noooooo!!!

Do I really want to be like one of the heroines from the books I read or write? No way in hell!

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Reviews (58)

Ghosts, explosions, murder, and a hotel filled with the most insufferable guest imaginable... Spook Sojourn is a wild ride, throwing every possible curveball Deanna's way while she tries despera...

I loved this book. Ashley did an awesome job writing this story. It kept me interested the entire time and wanting to come back for more. The characters were great. I also enjoyed how Deanna blogge...
I loved the menage action! Great short story. This is the first time I have read anything by Ashley Ladd and will make sure to check out her other work.
First off, I want to say that i gave this book 5 stars. I absolutely loved it. This isnt the typical m/m romance and thats was makes this even better. The author did a fantastic job with making the...

Let me say from the start this is a steamy M/M novella about a bunch of chefs on a mission to win a job being the personal chef for a millionaire in paradise.  Brooks and Rique fall for eac...



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