S. Dora

S. Dora is the me writing m/m erotica, though I can imagine a m/f or f/f story might suddenly decide they want to get written too, somewhere in the future. The real me is also writing: novels and stories that don't revolve around the down and dirty. And the non-writing me? Is it interesting to know I'm a woman, born in 1961? That my wife and I celebrate our 30th anniversary in October 2011? That we have two sons and five cats and live near Rotterdam? That I had a novel published in Dutch? And one in English? That 'Dora' is because of the little mechanical typewriter I bought with money earned with my very first summer job? That I studied social history and done all kinds of jobs? I guess it actually is, if only because every story ever told is important to at least one reader.


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S. Dora - Rude magazine feature

Coming out about your sexuality is usually talked about in the context of adolescence. However, as writer S. Dora discovered, it’s actually a life-long process, and being a mother seems to further complicate things. Being an outsider and writing about characters and situations that are far removed from her own life has had unexpected consequences…

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S. Dora and A. Moore - Female First feature

A. Moore:

Writing with S. Dora was an amazing process. Our writing process consisted of emailing one another every couple of days with the next chapter. I took Tyler's point of view, and S. took Derek's. I've never had such a collaborative writing experience. Due to the nature of the story we both had to be on the same page, and we both took care to leave room for one another's creativity.

S. Dora:

Would I write with A. again? Absolutely!

That’s the short version of my experience with writing A Weekend Unbound together with a friend.

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Reviews (30)

If you enjoy a book that is full of BDSM then this is the book for you. There are several different stories in this Anthology that is based around BDSM.

These short stories are not jus...

The premise of this book was intriguing. I loved the idea of them pushing limits and exploring new avenues in their lives. This story lived up to it’s promise quite well. There is a lot of i...

Tom and Isaac are absolutely wonderful. Tom asks Isaac for an afternoon of erotic delights, wanting nothing more than to feel the thrill. Isaac, wanting to keep his young lover happy, agrees. Wh...

a wonderfully crafted story of three people falling in love...a touching love story that pushes the boundaries and shows how strong communication and trust make a relationship...

I was totally immersed in these worlds from the first to the last story in this collection They are full of emotions and at times will even pull on your heartstrings. Love is a hard thing to fin...



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