Fields of Thunder

By Aliyah Burke

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If you listen you will hear the heartbeat of the Earth…

Roz Hill is a woman unafraid of her passion. So when she meets a man who gives her a visceral reaction, she doesn’t ignore it. One night leads to more… The discovery of her mate and finding her artifact.

Altair Sagal has his own code. Roz intrigues him in ways no one has for years. As they learn to be mates, they get tossed into situations that very well may kill them both before their life together even begins.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of torture and violence.

Publisher's Note: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.


General Release Date: 6th February 2015

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78430-395-2
Word Count: 53,852
Language: English
Book Length: NOVEL
Pages: 165

About the author
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Aliyah Burke


Aliyah Burke is an avid reader and is never far from pen and paper (or the computer). She is happily married to a career military man. They are owned by six Borzoi. She spends her days at the day job, writing, and working with her dogs​She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached here. She can also be found on Facebook or Twitter: @AliyahBurke96. And Pinterest.

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Reviews (2)
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  Reviewed by Selina Durio

This was an excellent read. The story of Roz and Altair was not only perfect within the scheme of the guardians finding their artifact and mate, but sexy and sensual within its own right. To see where...

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  Reviewed by Gigis

I enjoyed the story and thought it was well-rounded. It had a lot more action and danger than I was expecting and thought it really kept this an exciting fast-paced story. I liked that the characters were...

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Aliyah Burke - Coffee Time Romance feature

Good morning, do I have your attention? LOL, nothing like starting the day out with a nice hot man such as this. I’m honored to be here and take part in sharing a bit about my story, Fields of Thunder with y’all. This story is the third on in my Astral Guardians series and the first that deals with a female Guardian. Roz is just as strong as the rest but unlike some of the women, she’s not scared or inhibited by her sexuality. She is a woman who embraces it. 

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