Nadia Aidan

Nadia Aidan lives, works and writes on the West Coast in the United States. Under her real name, Nadia holds a PhD in Political Science and Public Policy and by day she works as an Assistant Professor.

She writes across all genres, from historical, to fantasy/sci-fi to contemporary. In addition to writing erotic romances Nadia enjoys reading other authors, playing flag football, studying muay thai, working out, listening to music, scuba diving, and target shooting.

Her other interests include collecting Top Cow comics, especially Witchblade and Tomb Raider. She loves professional football and soccer. Her favorite teams are the Washington Redskins and Manchester United, respectively.

Nadia loves watching, reading about, and writing about strong, assertive heroines which is why she is an enduring fan of Fight Girls, Xena, Buffy, American Gladiators—New and Old, and La Femme Nikita!

Nadia also loves interacting with people so feel free to visit her at for more information about her and her new releases.

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Nadia Aidan - Beyond Black and White feature

BB&W: Why did you choose an interracial theme for your novel, My Spartan Hellion?

The answer to that question isn’t a simple one for me. In recent years American society has become more comfortable with interracial pairings thanks to successful television and film writers, like Shonda Rhimes the creator of Scandal and Kriss Turner, the writer of the breakout film, Something New.

The expansion of interracial relationships in television and film came about at the same time we began to see more fiction works featuring relationships with interracial themes, and I have no doubt this was due in part because of the changing of the times. Before, when most people thought of an interracial relationship it was generally a black man with a white woman, which I think speaks to more open mindsets and changing norms in general, which is great, but for some reason it took much longer for mai

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Reviews (24)

A reviewer Top Pick! A Madam into a Mistress by Nadia Aidan was one of the best western Novella's I've read... Ms. Aidan's writing evoked such strong emotions that I was entranced...

A Madam Into A Mistress was much more than I expected after reading the summary. The author did an excellent job portraying the feelings of the characters which made the story so much more meani...

Great book. The characters were likeable and the heat is scorching. There is also a secondary story and looking forward to that one too.

I really enjoyed this book. The chemistry between the two characters is sizzling hot. It was a short read, however it was short, sweet and to the point.

I recommend this to anyone who likes to read about warriors, Sparta, historical romance or interracial romance.


Reviewed by Beth Hardy<...



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