By Nadia Aidan

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What would you do for revenge? To what lengths would you go? Would you destroy the man you loved or would you let him destroy you?

La Ville des Dieux—The city of the gods. It isn't. It is a city full of evil, demons and devils that prey upon the weak, the vulnerable, the pitiless and the poor. Mortal men who call themselves gods own the city, control the lives of all who live within its vast borders. Yet they aren't gods-just men with the faces of angels and godlike bearings. And they share the weaknesses of all men-their sins, their lusts, their desires…and Selena knows this with a certainty.

Sixteen years ago, the most beautiful of all the gods took her innocence and in doing so, he destroyed her soul. She has never forgiven him, and on the anniversary of that night, she sets out to remind him that some sins can never be forgiven, that some sins can only be atoned for with the sacrifice of blood.

Adonis—The most beautiful of all the gods. He bears the face of an angel, and with a simple touch, a single look, he can inflame the passions of both women and men. Some say his beauty and the desire he ignites with his touch is a gift-others say it is his curse. When he stares into the ravished eyes of his past, he knows this woman who once found pleasure beneath his touch has been equally cursed by it.

Sixteen years ago he destroyed the only woman to love him and ripped apart her soul…in order to save her life.

No matter the sacrifice or the intent, there are some sins that can never be forgiven.

But on the anniversary of that night, both Adonis and Selena will discover that while some sins require payment in blood, sins of the flesh can only be atoned for with the surrender of the body.

One night forever changed their lives, and this one promises to do the same…

Reader Advisory: This book contains strong BDSM elements, the use of toys, and anal play. There are references to sexual abuse, rape, and to what would be considered underage sex in contemporary society. This book is set in an alternate, contemporary reality.

General Release Date: 5th March 2012

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-0-85715-904-5
Word Count: 78,527
Language: English
Book Length: SUPER NOVEL
Pages: 217

About the author
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Nadia Aidan

Nadia Aidan lives, works and writes on the West Coast in the United States. Under her real name, Nadia holds a PhD in Political Science and Public Policy and by day she works as an Assistant Professor.

She writes across all genres, from historical, to fantasy/sci-fi to contemporary. In addition to writing erotic romances Nadia enjoys reading other authors, playing flag football, studying muay thai, working out, listening to music, scuba diving, and target shooting.

Her other interests include collecting Top Cow comics, especially Witchblade and Tomb Raider. She loves professional football and soccer. Her favorite teams are the Washington Redskins and Manchester United, respectively.

Nadia loves watching, reading about, and writing about strong, assertive heroines which is why she is an enduring fan of Fight Girls, Xena, Buffy, American Gladiators—New and Old, and La Femme Nikita!

Nadia also loves interacting with people so feel free to visit her at for more information about her and her new releases.

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