Maria-Claire Payne

Maria-Claire Payne is the alter-ego of another Claire who holds multiple professional credentials related to the field of radiation oncology and a graduate degree in psychology. Both personalities share a love of taking classes in English literature and reading in many genres as well as getting inked and admiring biker dudes from afar.

When no new reading material is readily at hand for whatever reason, her children have caught her reading cereal box-tops to fill the void. Maria-Claire lives in Southern Florida with her two rather conservative (how did that happen?) teenagers, the ghost of her soul-mate (her muse), and a crew of Himalayan and Persian cats affectionately referred to as the ?Pussy Posse.?

She loves to hear from her fans! She loves to hear from fellow romance readers!

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so hot you will need to reach for an ice cube or fan to cool you off. Esme and Logan relationship is like “Gone with the Wind's” Rhett and Scarlet's romance. They are two fiery, pa...

If you like books with wounded heroes, if you enjoy quite a bit of psychological drama in your reads, and if you're looking for some hot action between the sheets while the heroes fight through ...

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