He Doesn't Know Jack

By Gareth Chris

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Book Description
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Can Benjamin trust his feelings for Tate, a man who reminds him of his ex-husband? And should Tate trust Benjamin when he's hiding information that could destroy the growing love between them?

Benjamin Bailey, a New York City librarian, lives for his eleven-month-old son, Jack. But that is threatened when his lying, spiteful ex-husband Justin convinces his friend Katrina, the woman who carried their baby, that Benjamin is a neglectful father and was a cheating spouse. Katrina sues for temporary custody of Jack for every other weekend.

On the eve of the first weekend Jack is to spend with Katrina, a charming and handsome man, Tate Monroe, visits the library. Due to a misunderstanding, Tate learns Benjamin is gay and he begins to flirt with the flustered librarian. Dazzled by the magnetic stranger, Benjamin accepts a dinner invitation for the following evening. Based on Benjamin’s experience with his ex-husband, he assumes Tate is another attractive player who is interested only in fun devoid of responsibility…so he withholds the information that he is a single father.

In between sneaking check-ins on his son’s welfare, Benjamin is treated to the compliments and attention—both emotional and physical—that he’s been deprived of. Benjamin tries to fight his growing attraction to a man he feels is interested only in a quick fling, despite Tate’s actions that signal he may be feeling the same.

General Release Date: 9th July 2024

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-80250-644-0
Word Count: 38,616
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT NOVEL
Pages: 149

About the author
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Gareth Chris

Gareth Chris has a degree in English and a minor in Theater / Playwriting. When he isn't writing stories about dashing men overcoming challenging situations, he provides consultative organizational design and executive coaching to international clients. He volunteers his time to local charitable organizations that focus on helping the less fortunate - particularly those needing food and shelter.

Gareth makes his home in the lovely New England area of the United States, where he, family, and friends enjoy the proximity to beaches, mountains, and numerous historical cities and sites. 

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