Lizzie Lynn Lee

Hello, my name is Lizzie. I'm a simple gal, love watching TV, playing guitar, and enjoying chocolate and spicy food. I have been writing as long as I can remember. Originally I want to be a horror writer, like my hero Stephen King. But I find writing smut is more fun than writing dismembered body parts. I also want to be a ninja but I heard the pay is peanut. Plus my HMO does not cover throwing star accident. Wanna send me an email? Drop me a line at

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Ms. Lee has penned a tantalizingly sweet little tale full of big bad wolves, vampyres, and a little bit of magic. The journey for these lover is rocky, to say the least. Seems fate is always aga...

Talk about setting the prey among the predators. This is exactly what happens to Anna, our heroine of this story. She is forced to go spy on the company owned by the triplet heroes of this story. B...
Three sexy and dark men looking for bedmate. The heroine who is at a low point and needs the money that these men are offering her. This story was such a good read and I couldn't put it down. I lov...

Loved the cover who could not want to read about all that yumminess...Alex can no longer hold on to his feelings about Bea and let's his feelings be known. Oh how lives change for both. He still...

...a magical story...A fantastic read.



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