The Third Date

By Matthew J. Metzger

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Their boyfriend is the only thing these two men have in common…

Gabriel’s accident means he needs constant supervision while he recovers, and Aled can’t just quit his job. So when Gabriel refuses to stay in hospital any longer, Aled resorts to emotional blackmail and recruits Gabriel’s long-distance boyfriend, Chris Wheeler, to come and set up shop in their home as an all-in-one nurse, housekeeper and general distraction from the slow progress of recovery.

But while Aled expected to have to get used to having Gabriel’s terminally shy boyfriend around the house, he didn’t expect the effect Chris has on Gabriel—and on Aled.

Is this just two couples under one roof, or is there something bigger waiting to be discovered?

General Release Date: 31st March 2020

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-83943-023-7
Word Count: 50,285
Language: English
Book Length: NOVEL
Pages: 218

About the author
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Matthew J. Metzger

Matthew J. Metzger is an asexual, transgender British author juggling books, an office job and a love of travel with the human need for sleep once in a while. He writes both adult and young adult books focusing on LGBT+ characters and their relationships, particularly those from the less salubrious areas in which he was dragged up over the years.

On the very rare occasions that Matt isn't writing, he can usually be found at the gym, halfway up a mountain or collecting new tattoos. (And yes, he does have book ink...)

You can follow Matthew on Facebook and Twitter and also check out his website.

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  Reviewed by love bytes reviews

I didn’t realize this was part of a series until I got to the end and thought what an unsatisfying ending it was. I was then extremely happy to find the book is, indeed, part of a series and there...

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