Sporting Chance

By Alexa Milne

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Book Description
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Sometimes keeping hold of love is just as hard as finding it.

Dan and Iestyn are looking for romance. A school trip, a love of history, a wedding, a tango, the game of chess, and their friends and family all help the two men to realise that they’ve finally found true love with each other.

Iestyn thinks that he’s completely ordinary and that Dan is the only out and currently gay rugby player anywhere. Being gay can be difficult enough. Being famous also has its problems. But being gay, famous and a sportsman can make finding love complicated. So when Dan Morgan meets Iestyn Jones and gives him his phone number, their road ahead has more than a few bumps to overcome.

Will Iestyn and Dan overcome the obstacles thrown in their paths? Or will fame destroy their lives as well as their love?

Publisher's Note: This book is linked to Comfort Zone but can be read as a standalone novel.

General Release Date: 7th November 2014

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78430-270-2
Word Count: 80,311
Language: English
Book Length: SUPER NOVEL
Pages: 224

About the author
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Alexa Milne

Originally from South Wales, Alexa has lived for over forty years in the North West of England. Now retired, after a long career in teaching, she devotes her time to her obsessions.

Alexa began writing when her favourite character was killed in her favourite show. After producing a lot of fanfiction she ventured into original writing.

She is currently owned by a mad cat and spends her time writing about the men in her head, watching her favourite television programmes and usually crying over her favourite football team.


Reviews (6)
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  Reviewed by MM Good Book Reviews

The story is absolutely filled with a range of emotion. I laughed, smiled, cried, got irritated and then got angry – I also feared that the story could not be contained within the two hundred-odd pages....

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  Reviewed by Multitasking Mommas

How the two men finally get their chance to finally have their happily ever after is a beautiful journey that was both heartbreaking and sweet. This, I cannot but help l...

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News (3)
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Alexa Milne - Prism Book Alliance interview

We are here today to talk about Sporting Chance.  What can you tell us about it?

Sporting Chance is a modern romance about finding love but also how difficult it can be to keep that love. It’s also about family and friends. The story deals with issues around being a gay sportsperson. At the moment there isn’t one out gay rugby player who is actually playing and that makes me sad.

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Alexa Milne - Guys Like Romance Too feature

I have a confession to make – I love romance. Everyone loves a happy ending, don’t they? But for some people romance is a dirty word in literature, never to be taken seriously. Romance fiction covers anything from Barbara Cartland to Jilly Cooper through to the much more risqué Shirley Conran and now modern chick-lit, as it’s called, but it’s also Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and many others.

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