Now and Then

By Willa Okati

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Robbie and Ivan wrought havoc on their first chance at love. Can they mend their fences and find their passion the second time around?

Soulmarked as mates, Robbie and Ivan come from different worlds. Robbie’s the oldest son in a long line of outlaws who live squarely on the wrong side of the tracks, and Ivan’s family tree is packed with law enforcement. That didn’t stop them from falling in love, but when they risked tearing each other apart, they cared enough to let go and hope they’d find a better life.

Years later, the strength of their soulbond still burns bright when chance brings Robbie and Ivan together at the football game of the year. The passion they felt for one another is as powerful as ever, bringing them into explosive contact. They’re not the boys they used to be—Robbie’s turned his life around and raised his younger brothers to be good men, and Ivan’s learned to stand tall and mix justice with compassion. But though they want to hope they can be happy now, not everything has changed. Maybe not enough has changed.

Or has it, after all?

It’s up to Robbie and Ivan, now. Only they can make the choice that will change their lives forever. 

General Release Date: 23rd May 2014

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78430-025-8
Word Count: 23,717
Language: English
Book Length: NOVELLA
Pages: 69

About the author
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Willa Okati

Willa Okati can most often be found muttering to herself over a keyboard, plugged into her iPod and breaking between paragraphs to play air drums. In her spare time (the odd ten minutes or so per day she's not writing) she's teaching herself to play the pennywhistle.

Willa has forty-plus separate tattoos and yearns for a full body suit of ink. She walks around in a haze of story ideas, dreaming of tales yet to be told. She drinks an alarming amount of coffee for someone generally perceived to be mellow.

Reviews (4)
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  Reviewed by Joyfully Jay


Oh, this one was really good!


The writing was fantastic, and gave me a really good picture of both the characters and the setting. I was there in the moment with I...

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  Reviewed by BTS Book Reviews


A story of lovers bound by their soulmarks.


Willa Okati has an elegant amorour way with her words and Now and Then was an engaging read which kept me turin...

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Willa Okati - LR Café Best of 2014 Awards Nominee

The Soulmarked series has been nominated for Best Series!

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Willa Okati - Guys Like Romance Too feature

Some might have said that Robbie was a simple man, but that wasn’t quite the case.
He led a simple life, to be sure. No frills. He learned early on that what he knew about stealing cars he could put to use in fixing them instead, and he put his all into providing for the brothers he mostly raised by himself. He’d never minded grease under his fingernails, and the cracks on his palms and knuckles that came from hard work didn’t seem so bad—
When he had Ivan to help him patch them up.

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