Parlor Games Series

AE Lister

Welcome to Maverick Molly’s, where pretty things serve drinks and perform bawdy ditties while you and your friends enjoy a friendly game of cards, backgammon or checkers at one of our tables. Travel back to a time when folks had to take big risks to gather at places like this, but still found pleasure and enjoyment in each other’s company. When you’re tired of socializing, try the back room, where a space is designed for exploring more particular tastes for bondage, impact play and domination/submission. The Victorian’s practically invented kink, and we have areas set up for a multitude of role play scenarios. Fulfill your most illicit fantasies with your long-term partner or someone you’ve brought along for an evening of pleasure.

Each book will feature Maverick Molly’s as a central setting, with a different couple and a new romantic arc.



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