Through the Red Door

Devon Rhodes

Customer & Industry Reviews of Through the Red Door

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  Review by Prism Book Alliance

This was another cute yet HOT addition to this series. They were so sexual together and it was fun to watch them not be able to keep their hands to themselves, especially Seth. I am enjoying this series. It has so much yummy goodness from interesting characters, to HOT sexy times, to a fantastic world that I want to explore more of. If you are looking for something short and satisfying with a bit of humor and substance, give this series a go.

  Review by Fallen Angels Reviews

This was a very sweet little love story. Like the first story in the series it was infused with a great deal of humor that often left me laughing out loud...If you are looking for something funny and sweet Through the Red Door is sure to hit the spot!<

  Review by Blackraven Reviews

The characters are just as interesting, and I get to know them a little better this time. I was pleased to be able to spend time with them...I enjoyed the humour she interlaced throughout the book. This was definitely a fun, entertaining read.

  Review by Jessewave Reviews

There was quite a lot to like about this novella. Both the characters of Seth and Kyrian were engaging, Kyrian especially who was just so cute and delightful I couldn't fail to be captivated by him. The story was unusual, especially in the paranor

  Review by Literary Nymphs

I loved this story! This is the first book I've read in this series, but I plan to add the upcoming releases to my list of future reads. Action, suspense and erotic scenes designed to make you squirm are awaiting you in Through the Red Door.