Blood Promotion

MJ Klipfel

Customer & Industry Reviews of Blood Promotion

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  Review by Deborah Kemp

This book was so well written. The Author pulls you in with such description of words. You feel like you are right there with Tess.

  Review by Natalia Prim

So first, if you’re thinking about getting this book—do it. Stop thinking, buy it now. It’s SO FREAKING GOOD! So, Tessa is a spitfire reporter who is trying to get a big story, and boy does she. But not in the way she thinks. We’ve got a smoking hot vampire Hero, who is nine levels of scary swoon, PLUS there’s a very hot werewolf who is super sweet. But y’all there is so much plot. There’s a vicious vampire queen, a sass bucket grump vampire, a whole court of drama, full-moon stuffs, a best friend anyone would die to have, I could go on and on. Legit. Such a huge fan, and I can’t wait for book two!!

  Review by Deborah

MJ Klipfel does a wonderful job at describing so vividly the scenes that it draws you in excellent book.