Rattling Chains

T. Strange

Customer & Industry Reviews of Rattling Chains

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  Review by L.S. Barron

I’ve put many books aside after not becoming attached to the main character, this is not one of those books! This isn’t my usual kind of book. I guess if I’m going to be honest, this is actually the first time that I’ve read an M/M BSMD story. I had some misguided perceptions of reading something in this genre, but here is what I discovered… I actually liked the sexual part of this story and found that it wasn't overwhelming, just enough to draw you in. I loved how the author intermixed the paranormal story with the love story of Harlan. I wanted Harlan to find companionship. I wanted Harlan to find love. As much as I liked the erotic part of this story, I liked the paranormal tale even better. Harlan is a unique character indeed, but so are the other characters in this story. I found that Hamilton, Harlan’s work partner, also became interesting to me as I read further into the story. And the dungeon owner, well, who wouldn’t be intrigued by this man?

  Review by M.C. Roth

cieved an ARC of this book and I really enjoyed it. It touched on alot of things that I love, and slammed them into a fresh new world of mediums and ghosts. I loved seeing a bit of back story on each ghost, but it was light enough that I wasnt upset with so many dead characters. The romance felt so sweet and innocent, but delightfully explicit, with a new dom discovering his spanking kinks with an experienced sub.

  Review by KD Rllid

I absolutely adored this book! An interesting twist on the ghost theme and the characters were lovely! I loved Harlan!

  Review by Kat

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. First off, the world-building in this was fantastic. From the beginning, the atmosphere had a slightly gritty, chilly edge to it that made the existence of ghosts feel completely natural. Mediums and their powers were developed throughout the story in a natural way. And Harlan?? My dorky, gangly, anxiety-ridden child, I love him so much. He transforms from a nervous, uncertain person into someone who is confident and assured. His character arc was fantastic, and the usage of BDSM as a vehicle for him to understand himself and explore his own struggles was *chef’s kiss.* The kink in this book was written as well as the world-building, with just as much care and thought. There are some plot threads that are laid out and not resolved in this book, and I’m assuming they’ll be picked back up in the sequels. Gotta say, I’m pretty excited to discover how much more the characters will progress by the finale.



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