Synapse Nine

Eilis Muir

Customer & Industry Reviews of Synapse Nine

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  Review by Sarah Gina Behar

I finished this book in a few days , it is entertaining, sexy, & out of this world. Each chapter brings to light layers within layers of storytelling , crossing timelines of lives lived on earth & beyond, & the consequences of such connections . Bravo 👏

  Review by Marleen O.

Highly recommended book which I enjoyed reading from the very first page to the very last. Synapse Nine is an intriguing, suspenseful and sexy read, in which we follow the personal and spiritual development of a woman who falls in love while she's being sucked into a mysterious sci-fi plot in which she seems to play an essential role. In line with "Story of Your Life" by Ted Chiang (Film "Arrival"), Synapse Nine weaves a personal drama into a mysterious, otherworldly storyline that stays with you for days after you've finished reading. Highly compelling and effortless read!

  Review by Bam Dev Sharma

It is an astounding plot with apocalyptic story — where the story is governed by scientistic realm of discussion with twirl and swirl in narrative exposition that engage readers with foreshadowing development. I think this is a worth plot to read and enjoy. I recommend this book and wish the author a great success. Bam Dev Sharma Professor , American Poetry Tribhuvan University , Nepal


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