Blood Kiss

J.P. Bowie

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  Review by Love Bytes Reviews

This is the 10th and final book in the Vampire and I series which made reading this book bittersweet. These characters and this series and it’s spinoffs has taken me on a wonderful and magical journey of romance and adventure.

I am so very glad that the author decided to revisit Daniel’s character as I always wondered how the people who knew Roger handled to his abrupt disappearance from their lives. It’s been a while since I read the first book so I don’t remember Daniel’s character but the author did a fantastic job of filling in the backstory for those who may have forgotten the characters and/or events from the first book.

Again, Mr. Bowie did such an amazing job of bringing these characters to life. Leon is the quintessential vampire; the vampires of days gone by. The sophisticated, worldly, beautiful vampire. And of course, Leon sweeps Daniel off his feet and the two embark on a whirlwind romance filled with magic, adventure and wonder, romance, and sensual discovery.

Of course, it’s all threatened once Daniel learns the truth about Leon, but in the end, it didn’t matter. Daniel’s heart, his very soul belonged to Leon. He knew that he and Leon belonged together.

This story, although a bit shorter than the rest in the series flows very well. This book wasn’t filled with the super high adventures and danger as the previous stories but I completely understood why. This story is a winding down, a goodbye but it was still a great story with the most amazing characters.

As with everything else in life, the time comes when we have to say goodby to the things that make us happy. These books in this series and it’s spinoffs written in this world were such a joy for me for me to read. This author has taken me on many magical journeys and adventures with his paranormal stories. And this book does the same. Daniel and Leon’s story was fantastic and the supporting characters made it even more so.

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with these beautiful, exciting and sophisticated vampires and I will truly miss them. Even though there has been quite a bit of time between reading the first books to this last one, the excitement and joy I’ve received from reading this series never faded.

Although the sun has set on this fantastic group, these characters, their adventures and loves are indelibly imprinted in my memory. 



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