The Words to Bind

P. Stormcrow

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Words to Bind

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  Review by Christine Rains

This is an extremely well-written slow burn romance with a kinky edge. It explores the feelings of an intelligent woman and her desire to be submissive and all the implications that go with the BDSM lifestyle. We get deep into Luna's head and heart. We also get to see into Jacob's mind, the protective and caring Dom. The tension between them is intense and there are plenty of steamy scenes. The whole cast of characters are many layered and made the story even more enjoyable. It pulled at my heartstrings and made me squirm in my seat as I fanned myself. The perfect read for fans of kinky romances and erotica.

  Review by Amy M REIERSON

When writing a review especially for a book I really enjoy like this I wish I was a professional writer. So I could better express how I feel about this book. The characters are all amazing from the main characters who's shy playful nature makes not liking her impossible. The all important support characters who help our main female character discover who she is, range from ridiculously boistorus, to the friend who gives it to you straight and of course the one who always holds your hand. Last but far from least the male lead is one of my new favorite new book boyfriends. He's pretty much perfect he cooks, he bakes, he cleans and he's beautiful. I will definitely be recommending this book to everyone. Also anxiously waiting for the next in the series. ARC Reader



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