For One Night Only

Raven McAllan

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  Review by Leslie O'Brien

Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day story that will give you such a case of the feel-goods that you won’t want to eat any chocolate? Then snap up a copy of “A Little Bit Cupid” and prepare yourself for a whole lot of fun. Likes: The characters. Ava and Conal are fabulous. Ava is so utterly…sensible that I couldn’t help chuckling and Conal is downright debonair at times. And their chemistry…so good. Raven McAllan always gives you characters that you want to make your fictional BFFs and she gives us exactly that this time too. Since these are shorts, the insta-attraction happens quickly and the stories tend to take place over the course of a day (in this case, 2-3), so don’t expect much in the way of background development or other character interactions. You get Ava and Conal (mostly) in a feel-good romance that will have you wishing for a homemade Valentine’s Day card.



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