Pulled from All Sides

BA Tortuga

Customer & Industry Reviews of Pulled from All Sides

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  Review by Boy Meets Boy Reviews

Sweet baby Jesus, this book hit it right. These three men are ridiculous, in the best way. Ridiculously hot, the sexual chemistry is ridiculously good, and the seamlessness of their relationship building was ridiculously easy. I loved it. This is purely feel good on the romantic front. There is absolutely no crazy drama, inflated issues, or confusion. This was perfect. Adults who are actually adulting in a clear, communicative way. Thank you BA Tortuga, for making this such a beautifully pleasant read. 

  Review by Love Bytes LGBTQ Reviews

The love I have for this series really knows no bounds... [It was] an enjoyable read and I’m really glad I got to know more about a lot of the men that are always hanging around in the background. If you enjoyed the rest of the series I’m sure you’ll enjoy this book as well.