Spooky Sojourn

Ashley Ladd

Customer & Industry Reviews of Spooky Sojourn

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  Review by Rig

Ghosts, explosions, murder, and a hotel filled with the most insufferable guest imaginable... Spook Sojourn is a wild ride, throwing every possible curveball Deanna's way while she tries desperately to solve the case and keep her hotel from financial ruin. The romance angle was almost secondary and, to be honest, I was having enough fun with the sheer nonstop chaos, that the book flew by.

  Review by Amanda

I loved this book. Ashley did an awesome job writing this story. It kept me interested the entire time and wanting to come back for more. The characters were great. I also enjoyed how Deanna blogged about her desires (fantasies) and how Harry found it and they were then able to act one of them out. There is mild humor but definitely enough to keep me entertained and interested. 

  Review by BTSe Magazine

Filled with adventure, fantasies, deception, betrayal, unruly guests and of course ghosts; Spooky Sojourn is an entertaining tale. 

  Review by Sportochick

Ashley Ladd, is the “Queen” of beautiful descriptions. Her description of the hotel had me falling back into time as though I was standing in front of The Gilroy Hotel and wandering through it with her. This book starts off running and keeps a fast pace throughout the story line, creating in the reader a need to not put it down. Even better are the varying plot interests, including murder, attempted murder, ghosts and romance. Oh I shouldn’t forget the steamy, hot and very sexy blog that Deanna writes and Harry reads. I really enjoyed the confrontational interaction between the primary characters Deanna and Harry. The character of Deanna is based on people who don’t believe in ghosts and is very well written and truly believable. And on the opposite side of the coin is the description of Harry who believes in ghosts.

  Review by Gigi Staub

A little spooky, a little romance, a perfect story for this time of the year! In this well-rounded story there are ghosts wreaking havoc, a couple of seances, a mystery, a budding romance & some good kinky blog posts. The story was well written & I thought the theme of the story is perfect for this time of the year. Deanna is a true disbeliever, she is a smart competent business woman. I also liked that Deanna was in her late 30's, so many stories are now NA that is is a breath of fresh air to have a older hero & heroine. Deanna also has a dirty mind a mile wide and those blog posts she does are super hot! I like the chemistry between Deanna & Harry with the being at the opposite ends in their beliefs about ghosts it creates & interesting tension between the two of them. But even their opposing views cannot stop the feelings they have for each other. I thought the ending to the story very satisfying.

  Review by Charlie burkart

This author starts right into the storyline and is action packed to the end. 

  Review by Gina Wilkins

Spooky Sojourn is a light and humorous read that was a perfect choice for me at this time of the year. The attention to detail in Spooky Sojourn is refreshing. I loved the feel I got of the Gilroy and I can totally see it located in Florida. The cast of characters employed by the Gilroy really made it fun. I don’t think Deanna quite knew what she was getting herself into. I loved the smooth and sensual Harry DeVeaux so much! I wasn't prepared for the suspense happening in this book. It was executed well and you never knew what was going down next. This book has a little bit of everything. It goes from spooky occurrences in the kitchen to an awesome séance scene. The love scenes were very spicy too. I don’t think Deanna expected to find her Knight in shining armor either. The happy ending was awesome!

  Review by momof3infl

I found it to be well-written, interesting, thought-provoking, and humorous. I thought Harry and Deanna together were sexy, and while I usually like a little more tension and build-up than this, I was still thoroughly engaged. Deanna's blog posts were racy and threw a fun little wrench into their relationship. I definitely wouldn't classify this book as funny, but there were playful undertones that added to this one-of-a-kind novel. I'm keen to see what else this charming author has written. Great job!


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