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  Review by Tracy George

Loved this... I wondered what had happened too the brothers. It was great catching up with a few from the other series. Adal has been abused all of his life, he meets his mate that he never thought he would have. The only problem is that his brother Steven attacked his mate. Dorso wakes up to find a beautiful but scared man in the room with him. Lust is everywhere. Well written as always, interesting story line. I'm looking forward to reading book two in this series. I love Bailey Bradford books.

  Review by Dawn Roberto

Well written and intriguing characters give HIDE the depth it needs to score with me as a reader. Adal is an abused half-breed who thinks he has no chance in hell of ever having a fated mate. Until he meets Dorso then all bets are off. The tenderness as well as the lust that burns between these two singes the fingertips and keeps you glued to the pages. Mystery, romance, action/adventure all rolled up in one book and I, for one, can not wait to see what happens next in this series.

  Review by Wicked Reads

I enjoy a good paranormal romance, and this has plenty of the elements that make such books a success. We are introduced to a good number of characters, so that we get a bigger picture, and can imagine what will entertain us in future episodes, as well as having a couple to champion. Here we meet Adal, who has had a terrible life to date, but who has found his mate and that changes everything. The chemistry is definitely present, and Adal's innocence is corrupted in the most delicious of fashions. Thank you Ms. Bradford for a good start to a new series!

  Review by Joyfully Reviewed

There’s humor and sizzle, sass and sorrow. Adal and Dorso have a rough start in Hide.  No argument.  Love shines through in this imaginative and emotional romance.

  Review by The Jeep Diva

There are several events going on at once that keeps the reader’s hopping and of course invites the reader back to read the next story in the series.  This one definitely captures the heart and I can’t wait to read Steven’s story and find out what happens on his journey to confront their father.

  Review by Love Bytes

Adal is quite frankly this really sweet guy whose life has been filled with nothing but abuse and heartbreak…The secondary characters in this book were just wonderful.  They did nothing but show love and support for our MC’s.  They helped them in any way that they could.   I really loved Dorso’s mama.  She was a great character.  She’s what a mama should be.  Loves her family and wants to know that he’s loved in return.

  Review by Literary Nymphs


Bailey Bradford has created an enjoyable introduction to a new series. I found Adal’s dual breed combination as well as the dual blending of series’ characters intriguing.  There are not a lot of battle scenes in this installment; however the intimacy scenes are scorching. I suggest reading the Leopard's Spots series first to fully enjoy Hide. 

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews


If you liked the ‘Leopard’s Spots’ series and want to see how some of the secondary characters are doing, if you enjoy reading about different kinds of shifters and the villains they face – not always of the human variety, and if you’re looking for an intense, hot read of the paranormal persuasion, then you will probably like this novel.

  Review by Prism Book Alliance


Hide is a sexy and interesting shifter story with a particularly sympathetic character in Adal.  I enjoyed the story and look forward to reading the story of Adal brother Steven.



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