My Vampire and I

J.P. Bowie

Customer & Industry Reviews of My Vampire and I

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  Review by Melissa Kammer

I absolutely loved this book the first time I read it. After the second time, I loved it even more. J.P. has a way with characters and emotions that draw the reader in. Marcus is every vampire-lover's dream come true, while Roger is witty and charming. The love scenes between Marcus and Roger were just that, love scenes. Sex plays a vital role in My Vampire and I, but J.P. has done it with such class that the reader not only reads the words, but feels them as well. My hat is off to J.P. Bowie for writing the best vampire book I've read in a very long time.

  Review by NovelTalk

lass=reviewp1" /> J.P. Bowie has captured my attention with a fun, first-rate vampire romance.MY VAMPIRE AND I is an engaging read that puts a different spin on paranormal romance. This book was fantastic, and I am keeping a lookout for the next story

  Review by Simply Romance Reviews

Grade A! Outstanding Read. I was very entertained by My Vampire and I. The story flowed really well, kept me interested throughout with no slow points, and even gave me a giggle or two.