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Crissy Smith - Romancing the Book feature

Jen:  Tell us about your newest release.
Crissy: When I was asked by Totally Bound to be involved in their new imprint What’s her Secret? I wanted to write something different from my usual style while still remaining true to what I wanted to write. 

Crissy Smith - Coffee Time Romance feature

I am super excited to be here today! I would like to talk to you about my latest release Designated Alpha and how I switched the gender roles by having a strong Alpha female. Yes, you read that right… our heroine is the Alpha and she’s the one in charge.

Crissy Smith - Exclusive author feature

The majority of your backlist are shifter stories, what is it about shifters that you love to write?

I have always been attracted to shifter stories as a reader and so when I decided to try my hand at writing it was an obvious place to start. I like the idea that there is more out there than just the ordinary lives that people are leading. 

Crissy Smith - Designated Alpha trailer



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