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Sierra Cartwright — Three Things for USA Today


Three words I would use to describe myself:


• Adventurous. Actually, that's rather new for me! I've always wanted to live near the water. Every year, I spent a day or two in Galveston, Texas. Last year, I came down for a writing retreat. And I never went home! I found a cute little rental, signed a lease, and changed my life completely. It's the first time I've lived away from my friends and family!

Crave Book Trailer

Sierra Cartwright - Interview with Female First for Crave

What are your biggest cravings in life?


Where to begin…? I crave sleep, and I’ve been known to go to bed ridiculously early just so I can doze off and on for hours. And I have a confession. When I crave something, I can be single-minded in its pursuit. (I prefer that word to “obsessive.”) I love chocolate, and the richer, more decadent, the better. In the quest to sate my sweet-tooth, I spent years trying out recipes for flourless chocolate cake. 


Sierra Cartwright - Interview for Crave


What can you tell us about Crave?


Where shall I begin? With the funny interchanges between four absolutely delicious men? The hot, hot sex scenes? The emotion as a couple works so hard to rebuild trust even as they push their relationship into a whole new dimension? Or maybe with the bond of love that has kept Reece and Sarah bound together over the years…?


Sierra Cartwright - Feature Excerpt for Crave


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