BA Tortuga

Texan to the bone and an unrepentant Daddy's Girl, BA spends her days with her basset hounds, getting tattooed, texting her sisters, and eating Mexican food. When she's not doing that, she's writing. She spends her days off watching rodeo, knitting and surfing Pinterest in the name of research. BA's personal saviors include her wife, Julia, her best friend, Sean, and coffee. Lots of good coffee.

You can check out BA's website and blog or find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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BA Tortuga - All Romance feature

o, I grew up in East Texas. Now, my hometown is totally cotton country and one hundred percent rural, or at least we were back then. I was a teenager before we got a Walmart, the fairgrounds was the biggest thing besides the cattle auction and the cotton mill, and there was a one screen movie theater on the ‘drag’ that ran Coal Miner’s Daughter for a record eighteen months when I was a kid.

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BA Tortuga - Romancing the Book

Jen: Today we welcome B.A. Tortuga back to Romancing the Book.  B.A., will you share a short bio with us?
B.A.: Texan to the bone and an unrepentant Daddy’s Girl, BA Tortuga spends her days with her basset hounds and her beloved wife, texting her sisters, and eating Mexican food. 

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Reviews (45)

I really enjoyed this book. I instantly loved both Rory and Luke. Their banter just made me laugh and I couldn't help but smile every time they were together. The love and tenderness between [th...

The Wounded Warrior by B.A. Tortuga catapulted to this reader’s top ten list. I have always been fond of Ms. Tortuga’s work, giving her books high praise, but The Wounded Warrior may be her ...

I loved all three of these fantasies! This book is definitely better than the first. The men in the fantasies all seemed to connect better. What I’m really hoping for is the conclusion to the ...

Goddamn, this was good! BA Tortuga sure knows how to write menage erotica. This threesome is amazeballs! (is that still a thing?)

Recommended for lovers of western erotic-romance, with...

There is a little something for everyone in this book. In the front of the book, the author has a note about the grammar and style. I agree one hundred percent. I love the language and the rough...

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