H. Lewis-Foster

H. Lewis-Foster has worked with books for a number of years, and is delighted to finally find herself on the author’s side of the bookshelf. She enjoys writing historical romances, and contemporary stories too, and while her characters travel all over the world, they always have a touch of British humour.

H. has lived in various parts of the UK and currently lives in the north of England, where she’s enjoying city life as much as the beautiful countryside. In her spare time, H. loves going to the cinema and theatre, and her very eclectic tastes range from quirky comedy to ballet and Shakespeare, and pretty much everything in between.

Back at her writing desk, H. is always working on new projects, usually while listening to cricket on the radio and hoping rain doesn't stop play!

You can stay up to date with H. on her website here

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Historicals are an absolute favorite of mine and personally I don't think there is enough set in the 1920s so when I find one I gobble it up. Strokes on a Canvas is a wonderful little tale of po...

Strokes on a Canvas is a short but delightful historical romance set in the 1920's. With incredible attention to the historical period, engaging characters and a clearly established chemistry be...

One of my favorite parts of this story is the quiet, low-key reveal of gay life for men in the 1920s. Though it did have to be kept hidden, it certainly existed, and I like how a man of Milo’s...

A charming historical romance with all the cultural considerations of two men in the 1920s in Britain. I enjoyed witnessing Evan and Milo’s relationship through good and bad and was always roo...

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My new novella 'Summer on a Northern Shore' is free this weekend at Amazon. Enjoy!
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For a couple of days only, the brand new edition of 'When the Band Came to Town' is FREE on Amazon. Enjoy!
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My short story 'Ballet Nights' is free on Amazon this weekend. Enjoy, and take care
 Tweeted 27/03/2020 22:01


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