JJ Black

Born and raised in Western Michigan, JJ Black's love affair with books started young and has only grown with age. Always a fan of supernatural fiction and romance, JJ stumbled across the M/M genre and has never looked back.

JJ loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at:

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JJ Black - Rainbow Book Reviews

I’ve always been an avid reader, bordering on obsessive. There’s nothing better than getting immersed in a book, losing yourself in the words and worlds the authors create. As the years went by, I started creating my own stories and characters in my head. I kept them to myself, until it got to the point that I had to get out on paper. Once I started writing them down, I couldn’t stop.

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JJ Black - Guys Like Romance Too opportunity

Hi! I’m JJ Black and I am an author of paranormal romance, and I’m here today to talk about Ask the Oracle. I’ve always been a sucker for a good love story and the only way to make one better, in my opinion, is to add a little magic. Werewolves, demons and Oracles…oh my!

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Reviews (39)

For a sensual, enthralling story one simply needs to Ask the Oracle.  The first book in the Revelations series offers a unique, sizzling hot mystery to solve.  A pair of fo...
Abundant emotional drama and multiple layers to the storyline Our Omega guarantees a stunning story and delivers.  A large cast of intriguing characters, a well thought out plotline,...
JJ Black has created the perfect book for those of us who love MM stories with a big dose of danger, adventure and passion. Ask the Oracle will tantalize your senses and leave you wanting more.
With Accepting the Alpha, JJ Black starts an exciting new series, Great Lakes Wolves. It starts off with a bang. Trouble is brewing and Kellen will need to work fast if he wants to save his mate an...
I loved this book, so much that it caused me a sleepless night because I didn't want to put it down. I like to read shifter books, I have found this series very different from others I have read. N...


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