Ellen Mint

Ellen Mint adores the adorkable heroes who charm with their shy smiles and heroines that pack a punch. She has a needy black lab named after Granny Weatherwax from Discworld. Sadly, her dog is more of a Magrat.

When she’s not writing imposing incubi or saucy aliens, she does silly things like make a tiny library full of her books. Her background is in genetics and she married a food scientist so the two of them nerd out over things like gut bacteria. She also loves gaming, particularly some of the bigger RPG titles. If you want to get her talking for hours, just bring up Dragon Age.

You can find Ellen at her website here and also on Bookbub..

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I like the pacing in this story. Layla gets physically closer to her harem and the plot really thickens as more is revealed. Of course, that now means I have more questions that ever. Probably m...

Ink the incubus, a lust demon, Cal the werewolf and the witch Layla. And in this story comes Daniel, the ghost. Layla has to deal with monsters trying to kill her and she's convinced the mysteri...

This is a good intro to what is alluding to be a hot and steamy series. The author does a good job of world building. I’m excited to see what happens in book 1

An excellent first reading from this author, a nice fast paced read, well thought out, throughly enjoyable, will definitely be looking forward to reading some more of her books 👍


This is the first book I've ever read by Ellen Mint and I absolutely loved it! The characters were perfectly written, how even though they disliked each other they still had amazing chemistry. I...

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