Sin City Uniforms Series

Las Vegas is a special brand of crazy. Some say it’s the intense desert heat that triggers the madness. Others say it’s the promise of gambling riches or the lure of decadent pleasures.

Known the world over as Sin City, the party never ends, but neither does the threat to the public. The uniformed men who are charged with keeping the city and its inhabitants safe are unique to the challenge.

Firemen, police officers, SWAT, paramedics, CSI, military—they all band together to make sure the job gets done. Join them as they work hard, brave danger and love with a fierce abandon.


Sin City Uniform Series Books:

All Fired Up (new revised, expanded edition released 26th March 2019)

Copping an Attitude (new revised, expanded edition released 7th May 2019)

Justice Prevails (new revised, expanded edition released 2nd July 2019)

Held Hostage (new revised, expanded edition released 30th July 2019)

Negotiating Love (new edition due for release 12th November 2019)

Searching for Shelter (new edition due for release 14th January 2020)

Strip Search (new edition due for release 2020)



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