Persuasions Series

AE Lister

A non-binary Dom reluctant to take on a new sub. A persistent young man craving control and objectification.

The Persuasions series follows Nic and Vincent from the beginnings of a tentative BDSM partnership, through a realization of their mutual compatibility, to a place of burgeoning commitment. But things along the way threaten to take them off track. An unexpected discovery, the obligation to help out a friend, and the offer of part of their home to someone in need, all become challenges the two must face and overcome in order to stay true to their connection.

Because when one very unique individual finds another to complement them, it’s worth doing everything possible to make it work. Especially when there is mutual respect, interest and adoration, as well as a love of bondage, spanking and objectification.

You’ll never look at piano practice the same way again.



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