Hart Consulting Series

Rae Marks

Hart Consulting was originally started as a joke. Mason Hart was being investigated by the military for multiple crimes, most levelled against him by his commanding officer, Captain Stewart Banning. Because he was innocent of all charges, Mason decided to investigate Banning. He did such a good job that Banning ended up in military prison and Mason ended up with a new line of work.

A few of Mason's friends from the army joined HC. Most of his team are queer and felt like they didn't quite fit in the military. After accidentally getting mixed up in one of HC's ops, Mason's brother Bray joins the team followed by his other brother Nick. The band of misfits at HC work many small security or extraction jobs but their main contract is working with multiple government agencies to infiltrate and disband one of the biggest and most organized human trafficking rings the U.S. has ever seen.



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