Drakon's Treasure Series

Nikki McCoy

For over three thousand years, demons have walked the earth, hidden among humans. Their many different races each have a unique heritage handed down to them by their gods. For the most part, they live in peace and fight their battles by the code of warriors. But there are some who choose to overstep the bounds of their rules. Who commit crimes unforgiveable in the eyes of their gods.

These are called Drakons.

In the laws of demonkind, punishments for sins could mean a damned reality of endless torture and suffering. Stripped of their names and rights, Drakons are forced to become trained assassins whose only purpose is to remand other demons who have crossed the line. They are ruthless and governed only by their masters, a primordial race known as the Drakonem.

Death is their only salvation at the end of their term, a blessing to relieve the torment of their lives. Or so the Drakonem would have them think.

There is another path to their freedom that doesn’t involve death, but it requires a sacrifice. The willing exchange of a person’s innocence for the condemned soul of a criminal. Yet, such compassion doesn’t exist for a Drakon. They are reviled, unworthy and doomed to spend the rest of their years unforgiven for their sins.