Cleat Chasers Series

Jaqueline Snowe

Cleat Chasers follows the passionate, exciting, and dramatic lives of Callie, Zade and their friends as they go through college and navigate what lies beyond. There is baseball… lots of baseball as Callie, Greta and Zaria follow the men in their life.

Callie has a chance encounter with the guy of her dreams, only to find out the games he normally plays with women and that she wants no part of. Unbeknownst to her, Zade is really good at winning.

Greta wants to finally have a real relationship. She wants romance, only to find out it isn’t what she imagined. In fact, it was nothing like she hoped and when she vows to give up dating, love sneaks up on her in the form of her best friend, Aaron.

Zade’s sister Zaria goes head to head with someone protecting his family.  She loathes the lawyer with his perfect grammar and masked emotions, dreaming about setting him on fire. The friends to lovers journey isn’t easy, but Zaria learns that the best things in life are worth fighting for.



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