The Journeyer Series

J.P. Bowie

Jamie MacDonald, a young Scot mourning the deaths of his father and brothers in the massacre at Culloden Field, embarks on a dangerous journey with his mother to find a better life in the new World. But tragedy and unforeseen circumstances dog Jamie's path and he finds himself press-ganged into service aboard a pirate ship, commanded by Antonio Rodriguez, a ruthless Spaniard with a dark past, but with an allure Jamie cannot resist.

When he finally reaches the New World, Jamie is a changed man, one whose innocence has been replaced with a keen sense of self preservation and a determination to survive, no matter what the cost. Fighting to endure in the wilderness he believes he has found his destiny when his life becomes irrevocably intertwined with Tanaka, a Choctaw warrior/shaman -- a man who had a vision of Jamie's coming.

Together they fight the elements and those men who wish to destroy them. The final battle will determine who will die, and who will prevail.