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  Review by Ingrid Vermeulen

This part of Layla and her men is written from the POV of Ink, the incubus tied to the witch Layla. When Layla is kidnapped by the hunters, none of her men is with her. Cal is upset because she has looked into his memories and Ink feels left out because of her love for Cal. Daniel waits until she may find a way to give him a body. But when Layla is gone, it turns out that none of the men can find her alone and they have to work together. Layla is locked up in the meantime and her magic has been taken away from her. Can she get out of this unscathed if it turns out her men can't find her? I thought this was a great part of this series. Funny to have a glimpse of the way Ink sees everything around them. How wonderful when he gains experience when he is human. And how great to see that the 3 men are doing everything they can to save Layla and thus gain more respect for each other.



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