Teddy's Truth

KD Ellis

Customer & Industry Reviews of Teddy's Truth

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  Review by Heather Rawlins

I really loved Teddy’s Truth. I liked how it was told, I thought Teddy and Ian were both so likable. I was so interested in how it turned out, I just kept reading. It had lots of action and interesting bits, plus I really liked some of the secondary characters too. It was also super hot and sexy. I absolutely recommend this book.

  Review by Love Bytes Reviews

Teddy knows two thing for certain, he must continue his transitioning with top surgery as soon as highs school ends in a few short weeks and the crush he has on his best friend’s older brother, Ian, might just be reciprocated. Before any of that is for sure, however, Teddy has to try and get his alcoholic mother to work every day. Plus he is worried for his wealthy but tortured friend, Shiloh who he takes care of when he shows up with bruises and cuts and refuses to discuss how full review:


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