Project Emma

Hannah Kay

Customer & Industry Reviews of Project Emma

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  Review by Lilliana

Project Emma is a love story in three acts — resistance, romance, and... well, I won’t ruin the surprise for you. It is sweet, sassy, and full of spark. A must read!

  Review by Marti Linderman

This isn't your typical teenage romance where the cheerleader type winds up with a bad boy. It isn't the stereotypical rom-com inspiring fluff where the girl is completely clueless about the guy or claims to know the way the world works. This is about Emma, and Emma is every girl who has ever had to wrap her head around a world that throws her a curve ball in the form of a new opportunity. Specifically, the not-so-bad boy who somehow, despite his flaws, is exactly what Emma needs. However, he becomes the hurdle that she has to jump in order to follow her heart and her head to get where she wants. We've all been in Emma's shoes, and she is perfectly relatable for those of us who have issues with our self-confidence romantically but still know our worth.

  Review by Amy Burkes

Project Emma takes the reader on a journey as young, introverted Emma learns to be less afraid and live. The characters are bright, vibrant, and lifelike, and the story is easy to disappear into!

  Review by Heather

I couldn't put the book down!! It was very relate-able. When reading this book I was able to connect to the characters. It kind of reminded me of what I was like in high school. Hannah Kay is an exceptional writer and I have read all her books!!

  Review by Kay Buntyn

Hannah Kay is a riveting writer. I enjoyed every page. Found it hard to put it down. Interesting to the very last word. There’s an “Emma” inside all of us that have had a first love! Be sure to put “Project Emma” on your reading list.



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