Hiding in Plain Sight

Ethan Stone

Customer & Industry Reviews of Hiding in Plain Sight

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  Review by TBR Pile

This story has it all. The characters are wonderfully written. I loved Adam from the start. I was a little slower to warm up to Javi, after all he hurt Adam. Reading how the two of them work through their issues to get back together was beautiful. I read this in one sitting; it would have been too hard to put down. The plot and pacing just move you right along. The suspense builds throughout the story. I figured out the ‘who’ before the end, but then I usually do with these kinds of stories. I loved this story, you need to read it. I’m hoping that another character gets a story of their own. ​

  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

This story has so many moving parts, but never was I lost or confused.  Stone did an amazing job at explaining what or who was doing what, while keeping the romance story going in the background of the mystery that Adam and Javi are trying to solve. My favorite is when authors are able to throw in questions and then I try to figure them out.  This book had a lot of that and despite me figuring it out before the reveal, I never lacked for anything in this story. Wonderfully written, the chemistry between Adam and Javi was amazing and simply knowing that they shared a relationship before only added to the rekindled relationship now.




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