Bondage Rescue

Morticia Knight

Customer & Industry Reviews of Bondage Rescue

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  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

It showed me once again what a truly amazing word smith, Ms. Knight is to be able to create these types of characters.  And have them co-habitat, inside one story. What works for one Dom may not work for another.

The other thing I just loved was that, we found out early on Marshall has been living pretty rough for a while, so his new Dom has decided one way for him to heal mentally and physically is no sex. He wants him to realize his self worth. I just love that! Really helped Marshall boost that self confidence. And don’t get me wrong, we have the BDSM side with cock cages and other things to help him stay focused. But the cuddling, petting and kissing was all then tender side we needed.

We bring in all the old players and they all rally around not just with help with healing Marshall but finally putting to rest the Cory situation.

Can’t wait to see who’s up next, maybe Stones partner Chuck? please!

  Review by Wicked Reads

I really enjoyed this series – everyone has been a winner for me, and this one is no exception. I do recommend that you read them in order, as although each one concentrates on a different couple, the overall story is ongoing.

I enjoyed the shock and was as surprised as Stone at how this installment starts! It is lovely (and steamy at times) to see how earlier pairings are moving forward in their relationship, as well as how differently each couple operate within the D/s dynamic. All the books have had more depth than the average, but this one possibly most of all, as Stone tries to give Marshall back his self-worth as best he can.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

One of the things I enjoy so much about Morticia Knight's series, 'Kiss of Leather', is getting to reunite with characters from previous books. In this case, Corey, Derek, Josh, David, Gavin, and Kyle. I have enjoyed each of these installments so much, and I was looking forward to Marshall's story. I was hoping he would be a giant, bratty, snarky bottom. I do so love those...I really enjoyed 'Bondage Rescue', and I'm very curious to see who the author bases the next book on, as she introduced a few possibilities here. Stone and Marshall were incredibly fun to read, and I look forward to seeing more of them in the future.

  Review by The Romance Reviews

Glitterkink readers, this is the book for you. This story moved at a good pace with some nice pauses for sexy time and loving healing time. The BDSM scenes in here are pretty hot. The cock cage and sounding is fantastic and totally enjoyable. The fear Marshall exhibits is captured so well. Stone's negotiation and not letting Marshall worm out of things is nicely done. The power exchange in this story is jarring and it is supposed to be this way. Marshall is a brat who can not easily submit his control. In fact, he doesn't want to and he wants to focus on being a bottom instead. It is nice to see how Marshall changes his mind with Stone's support. This kinky romance is recommended for m/m readers who enjoy lost boys finding their shelter in loving arms.



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