Bulls and Blood

T.A. Chase

Customer & Industry Reviews of Bulls and Blood

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  Review by Tracy Gee

The Thorn brothers are old, strong and ruthless Vampires. They don’t drink from anything that's alive, they drink blood from a cup. They have rules that they live by and expect all their employees to also. I found this book riveting, rule number two was made to be broken by the brothers. I was fascinated on how Vampires were born and the fact that the world knows of the paranormal world. There are lots of different paranormals on the ranch which made the book much more of an interesting read. When Wesley lets down his guard and lets Mino in, the lust flying is read hot. The sex is good and not over done in any way. I enjoy this author's writing style, it flows very easily making the books a quick and easy read. I know there will be lots more to come from The Blood & Thorn Ranch and I for one can’t wait to read them.

  Review by Sinfully Addicted to All Male Romance

This is a unique perspective on the vampire world. No sparkly bits. The vampires are described in the book as the apex predators and there is off page violence. The romance progressed in a way that seemed to reflect Wesley's personality - slow and steady and yet when it came together, it was fast and definitive. I get the impression from the way the book ended that there is a lot more that is going to happen at the Blood and Thorn Ranch. A really good start to what I hope will be a lengthy series.

  Review by Love Bytes

I love that the vampires in this story are by no means the cute and cuddly kind. Nor are they all that emo about their existence, their souls, or their role in life. They are the top dogs and they know and revel in it. While I have several ethical issues with what they are doing on their ranch, I like that they are this…amoral. I’m hoping that Mino and Wesley’s HFN will grow into something larger as the series goes on and we get to know more about the owners and workers of the Blood and Thorn Ranch.

  Review by The Romance Reviews

The author has created a fascinating and sexy world where vampire cowboys rule. The world has some interesting and different elements and has certainly caught my interest. I can't wait to visit The Blood & Thorn Ranch again.

  Review by Wicked Reads

I did enjoy the author’s writing. The author has to do a good amount of world building. In this aspect, I feel like she did an excellent job of this in the way she used an illegal shifter sale to reveal how the ranch operated and to introduce us to each of the brothers and some of the ranch hands.

  Review by Multitasking Mommas

I would recommend this to vampire and cowboy lovers out there who want a different sort of story in an otherwise very familiar world of the paranormal M/M romance.

  Review by Sexy for Review

A very interesting take on vampires, shifters and humans; T.A. Chase delivered an enigma of characters that left me with more questions than answers. Ms. Chase’s spin on the vampires was ingenious and refreshing.  I never truly connected with the characters yet I felt Ms. Chase hit the mark in creating a new world. Kudos to T.A. Chase for developing and delivering something totally different. An HEA with room to grow, Bulls and Blood ended abruptly with the knowledge I’ll be back for book number two.

  Review by Susan

This was a great read for me. However, none of the ranches I know of are owned by apex vampires! One of the things I really liked about the book was the diverse cast of supernatural characters, everything from vampires and shifters of every type, to demons and angels. This reminded me of the first vampire series I ever read which was set in Louisiana. Wesley is an interesting protagonist, being both an accountant and the enforcer for the ranch he owns with his five brothers. He is so rule-abiding it is fun to see him be the first to break a rule and fall for a human who works on the ranch. We only see the beginnings of the relationship Wesley starts with Mino, but the story has a satisfactory resolution nonetheless with a HEA likely in the offing. This book clearly sets up all the characters and scenarios for a fun series that I can’t wait to read!

  Review by The Jeep Diva

I enjoy worlds where the paranormals are “out” to the world. T.A. Chase has created that here. The vampires came out to the humans twenty years ago. The other paranormals followed the vampires lead and now humans are no longer in control of the world. It is definitely a series that could get move into complicated and complex with its paranormal romance origins.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

Vampires, Cowboys, and Hunks, OH MY! For such a short novella, the author introduced a lot of different characters – the vampires, shifters, humans, and more. The community where the ranch is located is well thought out and developed and I suspect that the rest of the series will be good. I’m looking forward to reading more from it and getting to know the rest of the characters better.



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