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  Review by Jean Marie

The build up to Lara and Connor almost was unbearable! I wanted so much for these two to get together that I was almost drooling when they did! Now on to what you really want to know, "How was the sex?" It was great. I adored how Connor treated Lara both in and out of the sexual situations and I think you will too. Lara was great in her reactions to learning about BDSM and I could relate to her. As far as how hot it got, I would give it a solid six plus. I have read some of Sierra's books where I had to fan myself, but this book did not do that. Not that it wasn't great, but the story line did not revolve around just the sex. I found it refreshing actually. I thank Sierra for being so creative and for giving us another story to fall in love, get all sweaty and have a happy ever after!

  Review by Aimz

Ohhhh, Connor and Lara. What tangled webs they wind... Wow! This book was super hot and amazing. Lara is trying to help save her father's company the only way she can, by going behind his back. Connor Donovan is the brother of Lara's best friend, Erin. A plan is put into place, but she gets more than she bargains for. Will her sacrifice help the company, will it be too much, will she find something she wasn't looking for, will she lose it all .... read this amazing first book of The Donovan Dynasty! Love these two and looking forward to more Donovans!

  Review by Tanya

What can I say? I loved this book. I loved all the aspects of this book. I won’t give you an entire run down of the book, you can read the synopsis for that, but I will recommend it. The hero and heroine were both mature, smart, honest people. And they communicated so beautifully and that really struck me. It was a complete love story, and as always from Sierra, an intelligent novel.

  Review by The Jeep Diva

Bind is book one in Sierra Cartwright’s Donovan Dynasty series and it’s a great start! Romance and BDSM are two things that Sierra does well and Bind is just the right combination of the two. Prepare to be captivated as you won’t want to put this baby down!

  Review by Fresh Fiction

I really enjoyed Bind. Connor and Lara are not only hot together, but they make a good couple in and out of the bedroom. Bind is a beautiful story about two people who were never looking but finding the love that they deserve. A wonderfully paced story with great characters full of emotions that should not be missed.

  Review by Recklessly Reading

Both characters were well written and rounded.  Lara did seem to fall into the scene very quickly and behaved as someone more seasoned in the lifestyle might behave, but that could’ve been the intention.  The D/s scenes were hot- spankings and whipping and etc.  I loved their emotional connection as well.  They had fantastic light banter mixed in with real, intense emotions and reactions.  Such a fun, sexy read!

  Review by The Romance Reviews

Ms. Cartwright does an excellent job of creating realistic characters - flaws and all. Whilst the story focuses on Lara and Connor's BDSM foreplay, the punch of the story is Lara's father's sacrifice. When he reveals his side of the story, Lara sees just how much he gave up for his company and it forces her to make a hard decision. This twist hurts so good. When I'm pulled into a story with my heart breaking, I love it. The BDSM in this story is more on the D/s and it's good. It's what a reader would expect from the talented Ms. Cartwright. Connor exudes the dominance one would desire from a dominant. He's not perfect, but he is thoughtful and commanding. Even the punishment scenes are light and easy to handle. Lara shows how a strong woman can find pleasure in the joys of submission. Her journey with Connor demonstrates the ups and downs of a new to BDSM relationship. This erotic novel is recommended for maledom lovers who enjoy D/s. 

  Review by Book Chick Book Reviews

I just finished Bind today and have to say that I love Sierra Cartwright's writing style. Bind was sexy (very) and sweet (awww inspiringly so). I adored the connection between Connor and Lara and they paired together perfectly. I cannot wait to see what else she has in store for the other sibs in the Donovan Dynasty.

  Review by We Love Kink

It was a hot and erotic read. I love the two main characters.  The story is basically where Lara learns what Connor wants from her before the big day. It is a little like The Fifty Shade of Grey. Sierra Cartwright is a very good writer.


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