The Captain's Pet

Samantha Cayto

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Captain's Pet

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  Review by Love Romances & More

This is an engaging story about a young man who finds himself trapped and must decide on how he will deal with what life has thrown at him...It was interesting to see the relationship develop between Wid and Kell. Captor and captive, just how will it all turn out? Wid is smart and wants to survive watching his ordeal play out made for an interesting read. 

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

I very much enjoyed this novella. I really liked the fact that the author didn't try to imbue Kell with human attributes as the book neared the end. The author gave this story a very realistic ending, better, in my opinion, than the romantic Happy Ever After she could have given it. Overall an extremely entertaining read that has me eager for the next in the series.

  Review by Wicked Reads

The pacing was quick, the science-fiction was easy to understand, the story was fluid. Wid and Kell were both 'good' characters in impossible situations, and the reader could sympathize with their plight. The side characters were interesting enough to want more of their stories. Will I read more by this author? Yes.

  Review by My Fiction Nook

The sex is plentiful, hot, and rough in an utterly porny, depraved way; it's a hazy sci-fi naughty fantasy. Wid and Kell develop a sort of emotional bond and the ending is a HFN.