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  Review by Crystal Blogs Books

Crave was a mix of fun and sassy with a lot of sizzle. I loved the balance of the light moments and the strong BDSM moments between Reece and Sarah. They joke and tease just as much as they turn each other on. As the first book in the Bonds series, I thought Crave did an excellent job introducing the four friends. 

  Review by Long and Short Reviews

Crave is a sizzling read. As in all of Ms. Cartwright’s novels, the BDSM scenes and sex are extraordinary, but there is more. The author not only sucked me into the BDSM lifestyle once more, she sucked me into a new world: the world of Sarah and Reece, of luxury and decadence, of heartbreak and love.

Every action, every word, every little thing had an inkling of love that wasn’t overt but was present. There was an undercurrent of emotion between them that denoted not two persons that had just met but two persons that knew each other well from before.

All in all, Crave was a wonderful read that will get romantics swooning and BDSM readers hot.

  Review by Charlene Wharton

I loved the characters in this story and the glimpses of the characters to come. Reece and Sarah are great together. Can't wait to see what becomes of them.

  Review by Night Owl Romance


I found this book a fascinating read. I was hooked right from the start and I had a hard time putting this book down. The main characters and the secondary characters were stimulating and appealing. Overall, this was a great story with a great message about communication and trust. This book shows what can go wrong when you don’t communicate or trust your partner. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

  Review by Totally Booked Reviews

It was flawless, classy and evocative. There was a brilliant blend of drama, humour, sensuality and passion. I can definitely recommend this story of second chances; of revelations and working through misunderstandings. Also; it’s damn hot….who can say no to that, right?

  Review by MsRomanticReads

What I really liked about the progression of this story was that the communication and the sex flowed seamlessly, parallel to one another. They didn’t talk then have sex or vice versa. It was important for them to resurface old feelings while making new discoveries and walking in each other’s shoes. While some may see this story as a strong woman groveling for forgiveness, it was much more than that. Their love had never faded, but both of them had made mistakes. They owed it to themselves to explore all the what ifs, and it was Sarah’s decision. Feeling the hurt on both sides made me tear up a few times. Crave was a beautifully written story with all the emotional highs and lows of a couple trying to move forward. I would re-read this again, clutching a box of tissues.

  Review by Love Romances and More

I was pulled right into Sarah and Reece’s story right from the very first page. Sarah is a strong woman and she has grown since she disappeared from Reece’s life.  She has to make some hard choices and wants to try to make amends for what she did. Reece is a good man but he still hurts and does not want to be hurt again. Yet he still loves her and is willing to give Sarah a chance to explain but that is it. The sexual tension between the two cannot be denied, it is the emotions that they are trying to deny. I enjoyed their story and seeing Sarah and Reece work through everything.  As both begin to see things from the others point of view so many revelations are made and feelings are brought back to the surface. So much of this story pulls on your heartstrings and grabs you, not letting readers go until the last words.

  Review by Jeep Diva


Crave is a hot exciting read and quite the page-turner.


The journey they take together is delish all the way around. Their dialog is playful and you can tell despite being leery they go together well. The sexual play between Sarah and Reece is hot and steamy. I love how, even though they had been lovers before, they still have unexplored territory still to try out. 


This is my first book by author Sierra Cartwright and it’s a sure thing it won’t be the last. I’m hooked and can’t wait for the next book in the Bonds series to come out. As for Crave – Read. It. Now.

  Review by Blondie


This book was very good. It was an intense love story that sucked me in and held on to me until the very end. All the characters were interesting and some quirky. However, Reece and Sarah from beginning to end I was rooting for them to find their way back to each other. The question was never did they belong together it was always can they find a way to live with a love so intense that it can only exist with the other. Can they find forgiveness in a situation that has both of them scared.

The dialogue was great the characters entertaining. The situations realistic if not a little to perfect. The book has a great pace that kept me entertained, and interested. This book works, the characters work, the pace everything about it just works. I laughed a few times and even teared up a few times.

If we could all find a love and devotion that inspires a couple to: "want each others unfettered commitment to each other. To keep talking even if you think your partner is not listening. To keep trying as hard as your partner to make it work. To talk about things when they become to difficult. To offer devotion, love, and commitment to each other. To put your partner first and to pay attention to their fears and to seek a solution that works for both." Not an exact quote but definitely a recap of Sierra Cartwright's words. Definitely words to inspire a great relationship.

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